Hey!! Where were you all at the Highlands campout???? You sure missed a great ride….the weather had a little of everything….Thursday morning we had some light snow which helped to knock the trail dust down for the weekend rides (special thanks to the Storment’s for a tasty breakfast). Thursday evening we enjoyed a pot of Jerry’s Dutch oven Elk stew. Friday’s ride we had 11riders partly cloudy and cool weather perfect for the ride down the Disaster trail to the Indian arrowhead grounds where Jerry and Paul found four arrowheads, lunch and back, about 6 hour ride, everyone stayed on top. Saturday proved blue skies all day to Asa Lake, Pacific Crest trail to Noble Lake, had eight riders on the trail give or take less than seven hours. Great bunch of pards both days and no one provided any quality entertainment on the trail only around the campfire where we had our antics of cowboy storytell’in and jokes. Jerry of course thru in a new twist with sum’thin he hadn’t dun in awhile with his condominium blow-off. Lets just say ya had at be there at see it but it was more fun than watching a one-legged man in a butt kicking contest! Good Cowboy cook’in both nights as always. Thanks to our good trail pards who showed up at ride with us, you know who ya are, great cumaraddery and nuth’in like a ride’in thru the purty High Seeara Petes on a good hoss, it just don’t git any better tha is unless ya got some whiskey in yer poke! See ya down the trail!! Jerry and Mary Valentine, G.C.H.A trailbosses.

Sidenote from Heidi: When I got all the pictures, I was pretty Curious as to the pictures I was seeing about the "Condom" minium, blow off....... LOL!!! That is what I thought!!!









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